an-introducion-to-indonesian-art-by-richard-horstman-at-kendra-gallery-1In 1986 Richard Horstman (b. 1964 Melbourne, Australia) first visited Ubud, Bali. He then returned to Indonesia regularly, pursuing his passion for surfing. His interest in Eastern cultures  inspired him to travel throughout South East Asia, as well as to Japan, Hong Kong and China. In the early 1990’s he began making sculptures, exhibiting and selling works in galleries and from his home studio on Phillip Island.

In 2004 Richard began living permanently in Bali, he currently resides in Ubud, the island’s cultural and artistic heartland.   He regularly visits museums and galleries attending fairs, exhibition openings, art discussions, auctions,and cultural programs locally, nationally, and in the region.  Richard’s passion for art inspired him to write articles, first being published in 2007.

Richard’s role is as a mediator between the public and the art world, to aid in the communication of art and its understanding. He contributes articles and essays to the print and online media, and exhibition catalogues, while actively communicating with artists, curators, collectives,  galleries and art spaces, art lovers, collectors and the public.

He has contributed articles to the Jakarta Post and Jakarta Globe newspapers, Art Republik, Now! Singapore, Now! Jakarta, Arti, Art Malaysia, Art One Nation, Indo Expat, The Yak, UbudLife & Ubud Community News magazines. He is currently being published regularly in Indonesia’s largest English language newspaper the Jakarta Post. Richard is the advisor at Cata Odata Art Space in Ubud, an art tourism presenter, and is well known in Bali for his contributions behind-the-scenes. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the Bali Art Society 2014-2015.

Passionate about communicating the virtues of art, Richard is an art activist who believes art is a unique language that belongs to the community, with the power to transform lives. “Everyone has a creative genius inside, we simply need to discover our passion,” he says. “Art is a force that empowers and unites people, while building community. Art makes our world a more beautiful and peaceful environment.”